School Value

Hello all, I am a current senior in high school and am hoping to make my college decision soon. My top 5 schools (not in order) are Seton Hall University, St. John’s University (NY), Adelphi U., Manhattan College, and Fordham University.
I got my Seton, Adelphi, and St. John’s total COA down to around $23k-$27k. Fordham seems like it’s the best academically, but my COA is around $60k.
I suppose I just need help determining the value of my schools. Can I get an equivalent education for less money at a college like SHU, SJU, or Adelphi? Or is Fordham by far the best?
Thank you so much!!

Where did you end up going if I may ask?

Yes, it would be great if OP shared their final decision. My son just received a good offer from Adelphi that doesn’t include financial need aid yet. Anyone with good Adelphi experiences to share, please chime in.