Schools with the best internship/co-op programs and opportunities.

<p>Sorry if there's a thread for this already, I didn't see one.</p>

<p>Some people like myself are wanting to go into fields where networking is basically vital (music industry, hospitality, event planning, sports, photography/film, etc.) and obviously, some schools provide better chances to do this through internships and/or co-ops than others.</p>

<p>So basically, which schools have the best internship/co-op programs? </p>

<p>For example, Northeastern University in Boston is known for it's amazing co-op program. Endicott College in Beverly, MA requires you to do three internships. Emerson College in Boston has a program where you can internship in LA or DC (I was dead-set on going to Boston for college for a while, which is why these are all Boston-area schools). What other schools are really good when it comes to internships and co-ops??</p>

<p>US News has a list, but it'd be nice to see what others think. Here is their list:
-Alverno College in Milwaukee, WI
-Berea College in Berea, KY
-Bradley University in Peoria, IL
-Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI
-Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA
-Elon University in Elon, NC
-Georgia Institute of Technology
-Northeastern university
-Portland State University (OR)
-Purdue University--West Lafayette
-Rochester Institute of Technology (NY)
-University of Cincinnati
-University of Southern California
-Wagner College in Staten Island, NY
-Worcester Polytechnical Institute (MA)</p>

<p>I know American has a great opportunities in the field of political science/international relations. Probably all the major schools in DC do too though.</p>

<p>Dartmouth. They have this special term thing off and many big companies cater to the schedule. It's also much better than any of the schools you mentioned.</p>