science major

<p>how tough is the science program at UVA??</p>

<p>...which science program?</p>

<p>biology or chemistry</p>

<p>chemistry is really hard at uva, i dont know anyone majoring in it and i knew plenty of people who wanted to coming in if that says anything... maybe it just says all the ppl i know are lazy and/or incompetent but i somehow doubt that is at all true. biology is only as hard as everyone is pre-med so everyone is competing for the As.</p>

<p>Chemistry and biology can be as hard or easy as you want them to be. If you're an unoriginal premedbot, you'll probably suffer. If you're simply interested in chem or bio, the basic BA provides a relatively thorough grounding in each discipline. If you actually enjoy the subjects and are relatively talented, they'll be a lot of work, but not what I'd call insanely challenging. At least this is the impression I get from friends.</p>

<p>I'd recommend taking some introductory courses before deciding on a particular major. Try to major in something that you really enjoy - it just makes things easier.</p>

<p>What about physics?</p>

<p>ditto to tj</p>

<p>There are so many variables to consider...a lack of talent, motivation or interest in the subject can totally sink you. On top of that, every class/professor is different. But this is stuff that's true for any department/program.</p>

<p>GA- I saw your post on the College Admissions board. You need to focus on the actual school, not the ease of the program. Any program, anywhere, is going to be tough. Plenty of people do well, plenty of people don't. Cavalier is stating what everyone else is (and take his words seriously): it all depends on you. There's too many factors to say whether the department is tough. Try asking more specific questions, such as are lectures usually large/small, are professors generally easily accesible, is there limits in the programs, ect.</p>

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