Science/Math majors

<p>Well we’ve established that most of the sicence/math majors still have the “no determination” message… But has anyone with a science (related) major gotten IN yet? Anyone in for ME specifically… I know most business decisions are out, but have yet to discover if anyone has been admitted for other majors, except poli scienc and architecture. </p>

<p>So, if most (non-business) majors are still no determination, and no one has gotten in, it would stand to reason that they simply havent released admissions for most science/math majors, right? (correct me if im wrong here, lol) Ive seen a couple questions on electrical engineering and what not…</p>

<p>I was scrolling through other posts and didnt see anything, so i figured i would post here. :)</p>

<p>JtotheEW says hes already been accepted to ME...
I applied ME and haven't heard anything</p>

<p>i also know a friend who applied for AeroEng and was accepted, but he heard really early (not ED)</p>

<p>nothing yet for ME</p>

<p>My girlfriend got in for Bio.</p>

<p>3.4 gpa</p>

<p>1700 something on the SAT</p>

<p>My son got in for me on march 12 and his friend (out of state) got in for ae on march 12.</p>