Science Scholars Program?

<p>What is the Science Scholars program? I found a mention of it on the school website but not too much information. Is it for new students or students already in their majors? Do you apply or do you just get chosen (like Echols)?</p>

<p>Anything would help.</p>

<p>I've never heard of it. It might be something new and hence you should probably email the school. The only honors programs I've heard of are Echols, Rodman, and Jefferson Scholars.</p>

<p>My friend did the Science Scholars thing last year and the year before. I guess it's something decent to put on your resume, and you sometimes meet like-minded, science-oriented people, but overall he found it kind of dumb and a little boring.</p>

<p>Here's info about the program. There was a recent article about Science Scholars in the UVA Arts & Sciences Alumni Bulletin that better explains the program, but they haven't placed the article online yet. </p>

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<p>Actually, they did put up the article.</p>

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<p>The program sounds pretty cool. It "gives a small group, selected during the admissions process, access to the best of U.Va.’s research facilities as well as individual attention."</p>

<p>On paper, this sounds great. My son spent last summer at a bio research program at Chicago and I know he'd love to get into something like this. Any idea how people get chosen? Is it random like Ecols?</p>

<p>If no one knows, I may try to call and ask.</p>

<p>I think it's random, but your son may help himself along by incorporating it in his admissions essays by showing how he would use the opportunity of being in the program to the fullest. I would suggest you also call the UVa Admissions Office to find out if there are specific criteria they are looking for.</p>

<p>Actually, it's not random. It's offered to a select number applying students who have already done research in high school. Students are recommended either admissions (after indicating that they've done significant research before entering college), or by specific professors. If your son is really interested, I would recommend having him talk or e-mail any of the professors mentioned in the article.</p>

<p>Again, I'd have to say that the program seems pretty interesting, and I think it was at first. However, the program has changed leadership recently, and the focus is a little different from what it was before. For students truly interested in research, and learning about different types of research, I would recommend either approaching individual professors directly, or by taking one of the many classes offered at UVA that are similar to the CSS seminar, but are perhaps a little more engaging. (The common course "Designing Matter" is a great example, and I've heard many good things. It's offered in the spring.)</p>