Scoreless CC'ers, Unite! (part two)

<p>From southern california, no scores. Anybody else in my shoes? I heard athlon saying that CB won't post scores for another week...that's awfully depressing...anybody with any info. on this?</p>

<p>Im in VN and still no score</p>

<p>International, no scores!</p>

<p>California, no score.....</p>

<p>International, no scores.
I called and they said wait for a week!!!</p>

<p>Arizona...still waiting anxiously</p>

<p>Missouri, no scores</p>

<p>NC, still waiting. So are we going to get them in the mail before we get them online? What BS...What's their excuse? Any?</p>

<p>I think their only excuse would be "sorry, we're just too retarded"</p>

<p>Standby no scores. Meh.</p>

<p>when i called them they said something about handscoring to ensure that the mechanised system is accurate. They said our scores will be online in 2 weeks.</p>

<p>I HATE CB</p>

<p>Illinois, no scores.</p>

<p>Texas, no scores. 2 weeks... that's past the early action deadline. Fabulous.</p>

<p>After about 24 hours of trying, I got mine online last night at CB. Just go to the main page and log in, then click registration and put in your password again. Try to go at times where you think there will be less traffic.</p>

<p>Good luck you guys! I know I was so anxious before I got my scores.</p>

<p>This problem now isn't getting in--there's less traffic because most people already have their scores--but my scores are, well, not there! Score report simply says "registered" for the 10/04 sat.</p>

<p>Yeah, same here. My scores need to be done soon...because I applied early. And I need to be able to tell scholarships and such things about them. Do you think they'll be up by noon eastern time?</p>

<p> scores just "Registered" for 10/04 sat.... :(</p>

<p>Minnesota, no scores, "Registered". This has to be a plot to get us anxious kids to spend $10 on their phone service. I simply will not do it.</p>

<p>I would have gladly spent the $10 long ago but they don't have our scores by phone either. They're simply not in the database.</p>

<p>Illinois.. no scores this is driving me nuts... to apply for scholarships I need to know if I got my verbal score up enough.. plus I have to make my final list of colleges that I want to apply to. Not to mention the What are my chances post!!!!! lol</p>