Scores to get in Univ, from IB.?????????/

<p>what are the IB scores do i need to achieve to get into good universities, such as usc, UCLA, UC berkeley. i am currently taking the IB program in Indonesia. I want to know how hard it is for me to be able to get into USC, UCLA, OCCidental and Berkeley, what IB score, and What SAT score should i get. </p>

finance or accounting
business administrations = UNDECIDED

<p>Subjects currently taking :
Eng A1
Chinese SL
Economics HL
Business and management HL
Mathematics HL
Physics SL</p>

<p>This is a very difficult question to answer. First of all, you will only have a few IB scores until long after the relevant dates for U.S. colleges. Your SAT scores will be important. Take a look at the forums for the schools you are interested in, and look for posts from internationals.</p>

<p>Colleges won't see your IB scores until after you graduate (they come out in fall). What they will see is your teacher's estimate of what you'll get on the IB exams (and IB grades their estimates for accuracy, so to colleges, this number is as good as your actual score). SAT...oh my, that runs the gamut. Go to to compare percentiles for those specific schools.</p>