Scream Queens - Anyone watching?

I love this show! It’s so funny. Anyone else on board?
Since hardly anyone replies to my threads I will assume, in advance, the answer is no. :))
But just in case…

I hadn’t heard of the show but I walked by a place where they were filming today in New Orleans.

I had to look this up. Wow, not my cup of tea, although I like Jamie Lee Curtis. :slight_smile:

I watched a couple of times. It reminded me somewhat of Popular, one of Ryan Murphy’s first shows, and one I liked a lot. But . . . I only have room for so many TV shows in my life, and Scream Queens isn’t making the cut.

I watched the first episode since I like Jamie Lee and Niecy Nash. I’m not part of the demographic it is produced for. My teenagers really watch almost no TV. I did look it up while I was watching and saw that the exterior college shots are of Tulane. I also noted that Patrick Schwarzenegger is in the cast somewhere. I will also admit I had to copy/paste the spelling of that last name. He’s not listed in the IMDB cast but if you google he’s in it.

Apparently one of the characters in Nashville was just killed off because the actor is in Scream Queens.

I also watched the first episode and that was more than enough; not my kind of show. I do watch Nashville and will miss the character.

I’ve been watching it and I like it quite a bit. I enjoy lots of people in the cast, like Jamie Lee Curtis, Nasim Pedrad (so funny on SNL too), Abigail Breslin (all grown up from Little Miss Sunshine), and Carrie Fisher’s daughter Billie Lourd has a real deadpan delivery that has grown on me quite a bit.

I am also probably out of the demo (over 40), and I admit to occasionally raising an eyebrow at some of the dialogue, mostly because I am amazed they can get away with it on regular network tv at 9pm. But I find myself laughing at the same time, so…

It is very over the top and I believe meant to be that way, so I am just going along for the ride while it lasts.

I will also just come out and admit at this point I watch a few other shows I am probably too old for, like The Vampire Diaries and The Originals.

D, who was a devoted fan of Glee and, I imagine, is in the intended demographic for this show (I wouldn’t even give it a try), watched one episode and bailed. I think the ratings have been reflecting her reaction. I wouldn’t get too attached.

Haha, I think it’s terrible but also pretty funny and easy to watch when I don’t feel like paying too much attention, so I actually do watch!

I do think it is only committed to 13 episodes so I have a feeling Fox will see it through. Season 2? Debatable.

@bearpanther well I guess it’s just you and me, babe! :slight_smile:
I read it just got renewed…

WelL I’m glad I stuck with it. One of the best finales I’ve seen in a long time. :slight_smile: