Scripps College RD 2024

!!! really wanna go here! anyone know if they do early admits/likely letters?

I don’t think they do but I’m not 100% sure… but I really want to go too!

I do not think they do likely letters…? I didn’t really see it anywhere on the web.
What do you guys want to study?

poly sci :slight_smile:

Me too!


me too! did you do SCA?

does anyone know if Scripps suspending school indefinitely will affect the notification date?

@softrim1 I don’t think so since Scripps is only canceling public/admission events. I think faculty are still meeting up, so the notification date shouldn’t be affected (I at least hope not!)

are decisions supposed to come out this thursday?

Check your portals!! I was just accepted!

D20 accepted with Presidential scholarship
34 ACT

D accepted w Trustees Scholarship
34 ACT
(My first post!)

Accepted w/ Founders Scholarship

33 ACT

accepted!!! 3.5/1600

waitlisted:( super disappointed, this was my top.

Waitlisted :frowning: bummed. Scripps is my top choice.

rejected! :frowning: Scripps was my top choice :frowning:

how do you see financial aid / merit aid ? was it in the acceptance letter or somewhere else?