Scripps ED 2023

Would love to hear from anyone who applied! Does anyone know what time decisions come out?

so did nobody else apply lol

i applied!
not totally sure when decisions come out, i know they came out the evening of the 15th last year though

So excited to hear from people who have applied! And good luck to both of you! Hoping for good news on the 15th :slight_smile:

they usually come out on fridays, so hopefully the 14th ?

My daughter applied as well! Such an exciting time for all you girls! I’m curious to know the amount of applications for this ED pool, last year was 291, I believe. Good luck to all of you! You can’t go wrong with Scripps.

so the school just doesn’t email us the exact date and time? i am an international applicant so i actually have to wait longer hhh

You log on to your Scripps Portal to check status the day they release their admission/rejection/waitlist notifications.

Hi! I applied ED and gee wiz am I nervous! I really don’t know when we’re gonna know which is making it worse! lol

normally schools do let you know when your portal will be updated (idk why scripps doesn’t), i also assumed that the notif date was the 15 bc all of the other claremont college decisions come out the 15 i think

I applied ED and just got so nervous now

?haha I am international as well! btw where are u from?

I applied! And soooooo stressed I just want to know! All of my friends are hearing back from their EA/ED schools and It is just making the wait even worse…

i’m from China @lilllll

yeeeeees! it’s such a torture @seattlegorl

Ahhh yess I’m dying to find out! Let me know if anyone hears anything about decisions!!

I know the 5C’s go on break tonight, so I am guessing they will be released tonight?!

I have no idea how I am supposed to focus in class when all I want to think about are the decisions…

Ahhh same!! And I was thinking the same thing about them coming out later today. Good luck!!

watch them not release it today