Scripps ED 2024

Daughter considering Scripps ED. Is it of significant value to apply early?

If it is her first choice it couldn’t hurt. I am trying to decide it I want to apply early to Scripps or Vassar. Anyone else out there applying early to Scripps?

What’s your D like? Depending on test scores and grades, an ED could greatly help.

We live in New England.
She goes to public high school.
4.3 GPA, 6 APS, 31 ACT.

Lot of leadership rolls in school community
very involved in drama club - both as actor and on tech crew
member of NHS
volunteer work
won’t qualify for financial aid
visited and had great interview

I’m thinking of applying ED to Scripps. I’m also considering Vassar, as well as a few other colleges.

What did you end up deciding Nobody555 Scripps or Vassar?

Did anyone apply ED?

Does anyone know when will the school notify the candidates?

Maybe Friday? IDK. Is it true that Pomona already came out?

Yes on Pomona! My D got in and can’t wait to escape our New Hampshire winters! Best of luck to all who applied early to Scripps. I hope you hear good news soon.

Anxious applicant from China here. I visited Scripps in August and was fascinated by the view there. I really wants to gets in!

Harvey Mudd posted 6 pm PST 12/13 on Twitter. Usually all of the CCs release at same time .-- so hoping tomorrow night. PLEASE. I can’t wait for the whole weekend.

Saturday morning for me. Please let me in!!!