Scripps RD 2023

Hey everyone! There wasn’t a forum for Scripps RD applicants yet, so I wanted to make one! Did any of you applying attend the Scripps fly-in btw?

I didn’t fly in but I’m very eager and excited :slight_smile:

Me too! I applied to a handful of women’s colleges but Scripps is one of my top choices

does anyone know when the results are out? the specific date?? thanks !

No, I don’t

I’ve been looking at past threads and last year they released decisions on March 19th

Does anyone know if Scripps sends out acceptance emails or actual acceptance letters

i think both? i’m hoping emails will go out in a little more than a week like last year

i did an interview and i’m from new york so i’m hoping both of those plus my gpa, ecs, test scores, etc help me, wanna go so badly!!

Does Scripps notify in advance when they are releasing them? It seems like most of the other 5 schools know the exact date.

like someone said before i think they’re gonna release def sometime this week, probably monday (if like last year). i know pomona sent out decisions yesterday so hopefully soon! really hoping for good news since they’re supposed to be released on my birthday… goodnight luck everyone!!

do you guys think they would send out an email before they release them? or do you guys think that they will just send us an email when decisions are released?

Do you guys think they will be released tonight?

i really hope so, that’s when they were released last year according to previous threads

Does anyone have a guess what time the decisions will be released?

i think historically it has been 5pm PDT

Has anyone called admissions to confirm it is today?

I just called and they said they aren’t disclosing the decision date and to just wait for an email notifying a status update :confused:

i just saw they came out on wednesday 3/22 two years ago.

well, guess they’re not coming out today :frowning: