Scripps Waitlist

Does anyone know if Scripps College is starting to accept students off the Scripps Waitlist? If so, what can you tell us about it?

Do you know if you are supposed to submit transcripts or grades while on the Scripps Waitlist?

Hi. My daughter got off the waitlist last Friday. May 1. She didn’t submit anything extra beyond the LOCI. She has until tomorrow to commit. Best of luck to you.

maybe there will be another wave after the 8th?

Has anyone heard from Scripps yet?

@Doodoo27 nope :frowning:

has anyone received anything yet? i know other colleges are still notifying students if they got off the waitlist. do y’all know if scripps is still doing this?

@galagala321 nothing yet :confused:

I think historically Scripps admits only a very small number of students from the waitlist so there may be a chance that they only admit a couple students! That being said, I signed up for the waitlist just to see if I would get in (I’m committed to McGill and I’m not going to accept the offer if I do get in to Scripps) so I would love to hear back!

has anyone heard back about the scripps transfer waitlist?

I don’t know if I should lose hope :frowning:


i still havent heard… im sorry to hear. how did they tell you? through email? @zakhavora

@colb1234567 They told me through email! It wasn’t technically a rejection; they closed the waitlist. Or at least that was the impression I got from the email.

I’m a first-year so it could be different for transfers! Good luck and I hope you get in :smiley: