SCU Class of 2025 EA

Yes, I think you’re right that outdoor dining is not allowed at the moment, but it was possible last quarter. Hopefully things will be more “normal” this Fall, but time will tell. Either way, the kids are finding ways to connect, make friends, study and have a college experience–even if it’s not the college experience we expected or planned for.


Has anyone else received their package in the mail yet from Santa Clara? I live in California and I still have not received anything yet.

I live in AZ and still haven’t received it.

I’ll tell ya what. The USPS stinks right now. All mail has slowed down. There’s an article in news about folks receiving they’re Xmas gifts in January.

We received the offer letter from Santa Clara couple weeks back. We are from California too.

that’s weird that I haven’t gotten mine then, I already accepted my offer of admission but I just wanted to receive the letter physically. Guess ill just have to wait a bit longer then.

S’ came to us in So Cal all chewed up and about 1.5 weeks ago.