**SDSU Freshman Class of 2024 Stats only Thread**

Please post your SDSU decision and stats using the following format.

SAT/ACT score:
Local/Non-Local In-state:
Eligibility index:

My niece admitted this morning.

Major: Pre-Kinesiology
CSU GPA: 4.0
SAT/ACT score: 1160
In-state Local/Non-local: In-state Non-local Southern California
Eligibility index: 4360

Major: English
CSU GPA: 4.04
ACT: 32
In state- Northern CA
Admitted to Weber’s Honors College

Stats for daughter -

Decision: Admitted (in Dec)

Major: Pre-Business
Eligibility Index - ACT: ~1100
Eligibility Index - SAT: ~4600

Major: Poli Sci (Dec./Weber admit)
CSU GPA: 4.25
ACT score: 33
Local/Non-Local In-state: non-local In-state
OOS/International: no
Eligibility index: 4515

S accepted today

CSU 4.05
Sat 1250
In state non local
EI 4490

Daughter accepted in December

Major: Graphic Design
CSU GPA: 4.17
SAT: 1340
In-State, not local, SF Bay Area
Eligibility Index: 4676

D accepted this a.m.
Major: Undecided
CSU GPA: 4.0
SAT/ACT score: 28
Local/Non-Local - In-state, not local
OOS/International: no
Eligibility index: IDK

Major - Pre Kinesiology
CSU GPA - 4.06
ACT - 27
Eligibility Index - 1082

Accepted today for Pre - Business

CSU GPA - 4.04
SAT - 1410
In state
El - 4642

Major: Communications
CSU GPA - 3.9
ACT 26
In-state, not local

Major: Business
CSU GPA: 3.96
SAT/ACT score: SAT 1420
Local/Non-Local In-state: Non-Local In State
OOS/International: No
Eligibility index: 4588
Accepted to Weber’s Honor’s College

Accepted today (3/2) for Undeclared

Major: Undeclared
CSU GPA: 4.36
SAT/ACT score: 1320
Local/Non-Local In-state: In-State - Orange County
Eligibility index: 4808
Still waiting for Webers Honors decision.

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Act: 27

Major: Criminal Justice
CSU GPA: 4.0
SAT/ACT score: 24
Non-Local In State
Eligibility index: 1040

Son admitted 2 March (yesterday)

Major: English
CSU GPA: 3.95
SAT/ACT score: 1420
Local/Non-Local In-state: NorCal
Eligibility index: ~4550

Accepted on December 17 12P.M.

Major: Computer Science
ACT: 32 (35,36,25,33)
In State: NorCal
Eligibility Index: 1120

Good Luck Everyone!

Early Admit

Major: Civil Engineering

CSU GPA: 3.90
SAT: 1340
In-state: (Orange County)
Eligibility Index: 4460

Waitlisted for Honors College

Accepted Yesterday

Major: Undeclared

CSU GPA: 3.5
ACT: 33
In State: Orange County
Eligibility Index: 1030

Daughter early decision - December

Major: Poli Sci
GPA: 4.0
SAT: 1360 (super scored)
EI: 4640