SEAP 2021 Applications Statuses/Discussion

Hey Guys! I didn’t see a thread on the new application for the engineering program this year so decided to make one lol. I also wanted to ask when admissions results come out and where you guys applied to!

Not sure about when results come out :confused: Most likely before March based on threads from previous years.

I saw in one thread that they release decisions mid February, but I guess it depends on what lab you’re applying to

I am kinda riding on this program lol, its perfect for me and I worked alot on the application. Where did you apply to? I applied to one in Phili and one in Washington

I’m from the dmv are so I applied to the one in silver springs and bethesda

Nice! What grade are you in lol? Im in 10th so im kinda doing a gamble here

I’m a sophomore too! And yea it’s a gamble for me too lol I think I’m the only person in my school applying, but I think the labs I apply to get a lot of applications, and I obviously don’t have a lot of stem experience

I think I wrote rather decently, but I don’t think I’m that competitive. The one STEM experience I do have was after the application was due, so that’s a bit stupid. I really really want to go to this program lol

That’s sucks, but anything could happen! Have you heard about the ASSIP program at George Mason University? It’s unpaid but you get to work one on one with a professor and make a research report, and you can choose what field you want the mentor to be from. The applications r also viewed by the mentor instead of a committee like SEAP, so you’d have a good shot at getting an interview without loads of experience

I’ll definitely apply! Thank you for letting me know! Do you have a snapchat/Insta where I can further talk to you about SEAP/ASSIP?

No problem, and my I instas kxnziecol

Hi, I applyed to the Montrey Labs, has anyone heard anything from there labs yet. I just got a confrmation email saying my app went through.

My son applied to SEAP program, and his facility choices are here in SoCAL.
He received automated email confirmation on 11/26 when he submitted his application. But he hasn’t received any email since then.

Did anyone else receive a new email recently?

Decisions don’t come out for a while lol

I applied to two in SoCal too! No emails/notifications are expected until mid-February or later, according to some of the old threads sometimes it depends on the location.

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Last year when I was rejected from a PA lab, I got the email on Jan 24 at around 6PM

hiii! i applied to the same locations in maryland but i’m a junior

I participated in SEAP my sophomore year and there were a few other sophomores at my location, so you guys should have a shot. It also took about two months from application deadline to offers for the lab I applied to. I applied to the same lab as before and the DC lab and haven’t heard anything yet though

Cool! Is this your first time applying or have you been there before?

this was my first time applying! i’m really hoping for an acceptance so fingers crossed!