Search Function is terrible!

So…I did a search for “pet stains” and this is what I got!

@CCAdminMike this search function is beyond horrible. Why would these threads come up under a search for “pet stains”….except the one post about something that removes them.

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Does it work better if you put it in quotes: “pet stains”?

ETA: it works MUCH better. I got 17 hits using the CC search function on the specific phrase “pet stains”. Search results for '"pet stains"' - College Confidential Forums

Not defending, because I can’t, but you’re better served typing “pet stains” into Google

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Then what’s the point in having a search function ON this site.

And really…thanks for the tip…but decent search functions use the key words you enter and do NOT bring up random threads with no relation to the key words put in.


As noted above, if you put it in quotes, it ONLY searches for “pet stains”. Your search is picking up the use of pet and the use of stains, but not always the exact phrase.

I obtained 17 results with mine. Most were on point, except a few that kicked up “CARpet stains”.

Not sure you need to go to Google, although that can be powerful.

Multi word searches are more targeted if you put quotes around the search term. So “Pet stains” yields results for pet + stains; otherwise the results are for pet or stains.

The bigger issue with the cc search engine is that it also gives results for inappropriate variations. Pet gives results for petri; moderator gives results for moderate (the adjective).

Yes…that is the issue. It’s just not a very good search function, in my opinion.

I also wish I could indicate that I only want threads that are within the past year. But I am asking too much, I know!

Wow…I must be on several folks’ ignore list! :rofl:

But for any others reading this, use quotes for the most precise search. Once you get your results and hit “more” at the bottom, you’re given an “advanced filters” option that allows you to date restrict your search and perform some other more precise filtering to narrow your desired results.

I think CC’s search is par for the course with other solid websites, IMHO.


More like everyone is responding simultaneously.

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