Search function? Really?

So as you can see from this screen shot, I was doing a search for Your Good Buy of the Day Thread. And as you can see, I got nothing even closely related. What good is a search function if this is what you get for results!



Click on advanced search and check the box to search ‘’matching in title only” and the thread will probably come up.

I also do not like the changes in the Search function. It now takes three steps more than before the find something.


Tip for future - directly in the search box:

“Your Good Buy” in:title

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I did! I didn’t get the thread…which had exactly the name I was searching for.

That is what I did!

My point is…I typed in the name of the thread and got NOTHING related to that thread…that shouldn’t be happening.

I tried the advanced function…and it yielded the same results.

Glad it worked…putting the in:title directly in the search bar is a more elegant (and seemingly more accurate) way to find threads!

I think you misunderstood me. I used the advance function and still didn’t get the Good Buy of the Day Thread in my search.

I ended up going to the Parents Cafe and scrolling down.

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The search function never works well for me either. I also end up going to the subform and scrolling. The other day I was looking for the “say it here” thread and it wouldn’t come up on the search.

In general though, the site is getting more and more glitchy for me. The formatting is off more than 50% of the time and the notifications for unread posts is off. It will tell me I have unread threads but then when I click, it says there are none.

I understand now. For what it’s worth when i put this in the search bar:

your good buy of the day in:title

The thread is the first one that comes up. If I just put in “your good buy” in:title, it doesn’t come up. :thinking: Clearly the search function needs some work if you need to know the full title of the thread to get good results!

That’s what I put….see my screen shot above. And it’s THE topic. It should have come up…don’t you think??

It didn’t.

I just tried again…and which thread comes up…this one🤦🏻‍♀️

You need to literally write in:title after the thread name

How would people know to do that?

If I type in “say it here” the first hit is for the HS edition that hasn’t been active since May and nowhere does the active one for parents come up.


You mean I need to write the words “in title” in my search words. Well….that’s ridiculous!

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It should be more straightforward. You can see the words ‘in:title’ get added to the search line when you click on the advanced function and choose the box 'matching in title only". So in the future instead of going to the advanced function and click the box, you can just write in:title to start with (assuming what you are searching for is the title of a thread). This usually works for me, but again it could be better.

Not that I love the search function, but clicking “matching in title only” in advanced worked for me.

I tried that too…and I still didn’t get to the thread I was looking for…except I didn’t write “in title” which is ridiculous since I was clearly looking for things with that title.

And I know I’m not the only one!

This search function needs some tweaking, in my opinion.


You don’t have to write “in title.” Checking the match in title box is what populates the “in title.” But no idea why it would not work for you.

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I don’t know why it doesn’t work either… but really…it shouldn’t be this hard. When you type in the exact name of a thread…don’t you think it should come up in your search??


The latest…no results found🤦🏻‍♀️