searching a roommate in delhi for uiuc

<p>hi guys any one interested becoming my roommate for uiuc. i am living in Delhi.though i am studious i don't mind partying once in a while and would like someone same as my roommate.</p>

<p>any 1 interested reply as soon as possible.</p>

<p>the main objective of going to us for undergrad is to meet new people and share new ideas
don't stick with people of your same community
u may as well study in delhi and not got to u.s</p>

<p>For some, the main objective may be just to get an education. For some, to get some booty. For some, meeting new people. There is no single objective, and if he wants a roommate from his hometown, there is no need for you to say stuff like "u may as well study in delhi and not got to u.s"</p>

<p>^ I agree. Some people take time to adjust while others are party animals. Varies from person to person.</p>

<p>ok people i just need a roommate not a debate about socially awkward people and party animals.and 1 more thing i was just looking for some 'good' roommate so i don't get stuck with some person who just likes to party and forgets the whole objective of coming to college.</p>

<p>Try facebook. It's easy to meet people going to the same uni thru facebook.</p>

<p>actually i never meant to be rude
i was thinking that people go to the us to get new experiences and meet new people
but then different people have different objectives</p>

<p>S33D cleared his objectives :D</p>

For some, to get some booty

:D :D</p>

<p>Haha :p (10 chars)</p>

<p>And all I would say is "Toga Toga Toga Toga!!!" :D</p>

<p>rofl.. that's a given isn't it? ;)</p>