Seas 4.0

<p>How hard is it to maintain 4.0(3.8+ to be realistic) during the first year at UVa common/rare is that?And what about CLAS is it possible to do that over there?</p>

<p>I only know one rising second year with a 4.0 so far. She has the most amazing brain. So ... you're probably looking at the top 1-5%.</p>

<p>it's easier in CLAS. i know a girl who had a 3.97 for a very long time. i've only ever heard of one person with a 4.0, a friend of a friend, in CLAS.</p>

<p>3.8 is PBK so 12% of (CLAS) people graduate with that. 2nd years get intermediate honors you can check out the info at All</a> About Your Academic Record: University Registrar at the University of Virginia but it says only 84 SEAS 2nd yrs had above a 3.57, let alone how many were >3.8...</p>

<p>this means that for SEAS 3.8+ one has to be in the top 10% of the SEAS class this year
and since this is after four semesters and not for the first 2 i thnk it may be easier to get 3.8+ in the first 2 semesters</p>

<p>It's extremely difficult to get a 3.8 in SEAS, and maintain it. First year, your classes may be a bit easier, but it's tough to balance your new life and school. From there, it only gets harder. I know one person with a 3.8, and that's the highest I know in the e-school, and he's effing brilliant. I do know of a few with 3.6s, but mostly everyone has right around a 3.0.</p>

<p>thanx if i want to apply to the comm school after second yr is it suicide to opt for SEAS rather than CLAS?....considering the fact that i am more inclined towards sciences and math rather than pure arts....i hav a choice to change from SEAS to CLAS will it be for the better or is SEAS fine considering the fact that I have to maintain atleast a 3.8+ in the first year...what do u guys think?</p>

<p>"3.8 is PBK so 12% of (CLAS) people graduate with that."</p>

<p>I'd like to clear up some misconceptions about PBK</p>

<p>1) Not everyone in CLAS with a 3.8 or above gets invited. Four of my friends from CLAS with 3.8s and 3.9s didn't get invited (despite of the fact that they met all the reqs)</p>

<p>2) Last year at my ceremony, only 96 fourth years got inducted, 12 percent of my class (of about 3500) is not 96 fourth years. I don't know why the website says that, but the number of people invited into PBK is way smaller than 12 percent.</p>