Hey everyone,
I didnt see a thread for this, so I figured id make one.
Decisions should come by the end of December/Early January since they’re by mail.

By the way, the December/January is just EA!

They are mailing everything out by December 23rd

what if the mail gets lost in the shipping process (i’m an intl student so it’ll take even longer)/ ???

It’s not different for international? I would email and ask, that’s crazy.

Decisions should be delivered by today right?
I’m out of town for two weeks and the wait is going to kill me!
Anyone know if they send emails eventually to accepted students?

I just received mine. I’m accepted with the Bellarmine scholarship.

DD received hers today.
Trustee’s scholarship and Sullivan invite.
She is very excited as this is one of her top choices.

Got mine on 12/24! Was a nice surprise:)
3.15/4 WGPA
1150/1600 SAT
Really nice how they wrote a note with the admissions packet:)

GPA 3.7/3.8 ACT 29 excellent EC
20k merit

I haven’t gotten anything back yet. I dunno what to think, ahh.

Just got back in town and daughter was accepted with Bellarmine scholarship. We’re super excited for her!

Apparently I got accepted! Been on vacation so haven’t been able to check the mail, but just got an email saying I was accepted and to join the conversation.
Yay! No clue on $$ yet though, I’ll see the mail soon hha
Congrats to everyone that got in

Did anyone else get a poster that had a quote from your essay in it?
I just got mine in the mail, and it was really cool. I love the personal touch that they put into it, this, and the handwritten letter that came with the acceptance letter.
Gotta say, it makes me consider SU even more than before

Yea, it was great! All admitted students get one! You should join the Facebook group which also has a link to the group me. It really does make me consider the school more too, however something holding me back is I feel they lack a bit in campus life. Does anyone know about life at SU?

@CoastalKid random but I have similar stats to you, did you get merit aid? I heard SU is generous is that true?

@CoastalKid hey! how does the facebook group work? do i join it myself or will i be added?

Has anyone heard back for regular decision?

@KathyKath they mail out letters on march 1st

Accepted 3/1/16

ACT: 22 the first time, 21 the second time
GPA: 3.71 Weighted
Major: Premajor Studies
Location: SF Bay Area

Extracurriculars: Youth group (leader), College Club (Founder and president), National Honor Society, Varsity Golf, Friday Night Live (secretary and VP), International Finance Academy Leadership (secretary)

Jobs: Fighting Back Partnership Intern that educates and spreads awareness of harms and dangers of marijuana.

Etc: Created ethnic studies class, graduating a year early (i am supposed to be in the class of 2018), LGBTQ+, Asian, Catholic, Low income