Seattle University EA Decisions 2020 (Class of 2025)

Thought I’d start off this thread for EA Freshman decisions for Seattle U Class of 2025.
Decisions should be mailed by December 23rd.

Comment below with your stats, in state/out of state, and results!


Thanks for starting this thread. My daughter applied for environmental studies. We live in Chicago and have not visited the campus yet.

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33 ACT
Computer science
Good luck everyone!

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Yes, good luck to all! Our neighbor just graduated and LOVED it.
daughter’s stats:
Environmental studies
Act 32
Gpa 3.85/4.0

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Nice. Seems like there’s more parents than students on this site :smile:

instate student
full ib diploma
3.8 UW/4.4 W
no test scores (tests got canceled 6 times)
pretty decent ecs

anyone here applying for the Sullivan scholarship?

More students hang out on reddit I think.

My S has a tough schedule this semester and did not apply. Good luck to you if you applied!

Yeah, i think its mainly on r/ApplyingtoCollege. Gl to your son as well! Is he going the CC transfer route?

Yes, my daughter applied for Sullivan.

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No he’s a senior right now.

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Is anyone else checking their student portal multiple times a day? :laughing:

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Applied to nursing program. i accidentally sent them my wrong essay at first but then sent the right one haha. I hope i get in!

Just saw an email saying the 17th is the day. Good luck to all!

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Nice that they moved it up. Everyone else is running late.

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WOW! That is great news! Can you share a screenshot, I don’t seem to have gotten that email.

Hi ********,

I am writing to notify you that Early Action admission decisions will be released this Thursday, December 17 at 4:00pm PST. You will receive notification in your email and will access your admissions portal to view your decision.

As a reminder, Seattle University will be closed for the holidays starting this Friday, December 18 at 4:30pm PST. Should you have any questions while you await your admission decision or after you hear from us, contact your Admissions Counselor, Yobel, via email at or phone at +1 206-296-5812.


James Miller | Director of Undergraduate Admissions

Daughter just got accepted!

Computer Science
Merit award $26.5k/yr


Accepted CS with awesome merit. Stats posted above.

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Daughter in! 22k/yr
Has anyone visited?

just accepted into poli sci w 26k scholarship and 1k legacy scholarship!!
stats: 4.0 W gpa, 29 act, stuco, yearbook, city gov involvement, 2 local campaigns. OOS! good luck everyone!! and if there are future applicants reading this - pls limit your time on this site, it can be extremely toxic!


We went on a trip and toured U Dub, but unfortunately we didn’t even know about Seattle U until later checking out the top ranked computer science schools.