Second Thoughts...

<p>Hi Everyone!</p>

<pre><code>I just finished my freshman year at the big state university in my homestate and while I did kind of enjoy it, I wasn't really happy. I met some nice people, but since about 100 other kids from my highschool class also went there, it seemed like high school still. One of my best friends goes there too, so I hung out with her alot too. I was involved in a couple of clubs. I met alot of aquaintances, yet no solid friends.

<p>Another problem is that all everyone seems to do is party, drink or get high - which I have no desire to do.
A few days ago, I started thinking about if I had gone to a different school. When I was looking at colleges last year, I was also accepted to Drake University in Des Moines, IA and even got a presidential scholarship. I went to visit the campus, and I liked it, but decided to go to my home state university instead. Looking back, I think I was just scared to be far from home and not know anyone there. Now I feel like I made a big mistake. But, I think I should have gone, because they say taking risk are often the most rewarding. Drake is smaller than my current college, and may not be as attractive, but I think I'd like it, now knowing the difference between the sizes.
I also think it may be easier to make more friends at Drake, because more people are from out of state, not knowing each other, unlike my current school. Another thing, is that my major is communications and Drake's journalism/mass communications school admits you right away, unlike my current school (which happens to have one of the best journalism schools in the country) and which I now know that I can't get into because of my grades.
I was planning/thinking about transferring to Drake this fall, yet my GPA isn't high enough, so I can't get the scholarship that I got when first accepted, and I don't want to be in alot/any debt when I finish school. I don't want to make excuses, yet I think the reason my gpa may not have been as good, is the fact that I was unhappy at my current school...
I think if I get my GPA up, I can possibly transfer next spring as a second semester sophomore, but I'm not sure...I'd just like someone's input, advice if you have any or if anyone is in the same situation! :)</p>


<p>I would write your transfer essay on just that. Write about how your current university lacks ______ that you need to succeed and how Drake can help you fulfill this need and reach your full potential.</p>