Selected profile MIT graduate

<p>If someone can post a selected MIT graduate profile (better if it's from India) which means the profile of a person who has been selected for MIT graduate EECS program that include his academic,competitive achievements,GRE,TOEFL,college GPA,extracurriculars etc.</p>

<p>@mysticgohan, did you go for any international olympiads??? Are you a US permanent resident??</p>

<p>Being a PR matters ?</p>

<p>You might be aware that it is quite easy for US citizens to get into MIT. The acceptance rate for US citizens is ~10%, where as it is nearly 3% for international applicants. MIT considers US Permanent Residents equal to US citizens and hence, they have an advantage.</p>

<p>No, it's because the ratio of applications are greater from USA compared to other nations.
MIT has no quota or in other words doesn't discriminate its candidates based on nationality.</p>

<p>@KingsXI: Umm there is a quota. Several internationals who are more qualified than domestic applicants are rejected every year.</p>

<p>You can't say this is discrimination on basis of nationality. They don't admit as many int'ls as domestic ones. Get it ?</p>

<p>There is an international quota, but its priority is always talent > quota.</p>

<p>True to an extent. Of Course they'd not strictly follow the 'quota' if you've extraordinary credentials/application (IOW, you're a MIT match). But the problem is, there would be many, many other international candidates like you.</p>

<p>One of the MIT admissions bloggers had himself stated that they are bound by the fact that they can't accept as many int'ls.</p>

<p>2010-2011 data - </p>

<p>Overall Admits 1400~1500 (Including International and domestic)
Int'l Admits 94 (and it has been ~100 for a more than a couple of years now)</p>

<p>Yeah, too much hyped, but am still crazy for it.</p>