Self doubt, am I doing enough? Should I do more?

I am in 9th grade, I have been in school for 7 weeks so far. My interests lean towards stem specifically with computers. I love them, how they work, what they can help us do, and the diversity of them. I also really like math and programming. I´d always loved computers but I found my calling in life in the 7th grade when I found an online CS class. I wanted to learn more I applied to a summer program at Stanford in the 8th grade and was accepted, however, my parents weren´t able to pay the tuition as financial aid was provided to Covid-19.
Right now a lot of my EC´s include programming/coding. Currently, I´m working on getting certificates in web development programming languages. I´ve also designed a web application that aims to help younger students with distance learning. I´m working with a teacher to get it promoted by my school district and from there I can hopefully start getting more districts to promote it. I´ve had some students try it already and they´ve said it´s helped them :blush: I´m going to be getting more user feedback by doing a trial run with 90 students of 4th - 6th graders. I´m also making an app to enter in a national app competition with a team of other students from my school. And Iḿ working on starting up a CS first-class (I´ll help assist students to learn block code) over zoom. I´ve also been working on starting a programming organization. I´ve also looked into the PSAT and tried out some problems I´ve been practicing for 15-30 minutes on Mondays-Thursdays. My grades are good. However I´ve been in a slump lately because I feel like I´m not doing enough, I also constantly worry about the future and how things will pan out for me, I feel like what I´m doing isn´t useful or I won’t accomplish as much as I hope to (I´m a slow worker), Can I ask you how do you deal with self-doubt? And am I doing enough?

I´m also in my schools coding club. Also: are the online courses I’m taking right now count as an EC?

I guess what a main question I also have is how do you implement more EC´s as time goes on? I want to get a job so I can pay for web hosting for my web applications and maybe even participate in a summer internship. When did you know you were ready to take on more?

It sounds like you are doing more than enough. You are doing a lot. More importantly, you’ve found your passion and are engaging in it. Take a breath. You will be fine.

Colleges don’t want to see “more” ECs, they want to see deep ECs. You’re already on the path to deep, meaningful ECs. Jobs are great.

Your constant worry about not doing enough is a little concerning, especially since you are a freshman and you are doing a LOT. Do you have someone you can talk to about this? Parents, a school counselor? You could also ask for a meeting with your school’s college counselor just for some reassurance that you are doing just fine.

Try to enjoy your ECs and high school. It’s not a race to build up the best/longest resume, and your resume is great already.

I agree with @TS0104. The point is NOT to get a long list of ECs. Instead, the point is to participate in the ECs that you care about. If you do what you want to do, then you are going to do it well.

Also remember that “leadership” is not getting your way. Rather, leadership is helping to make the club better for everyone who participates.

I think that you are doing plenty. Just keep doing what you want to do, and do it well. Keep ahead in your classes, and you should be fine.