Self-studying physics over the summer?

Due to my horrible course planning over my four years of high school, I only have room to take two AP science classes. I chose to take AP Biology and AP Chemistry since since I am interested in being a pre-med student. I understand that taking physics is still a requirement but there’s a heavier emphasis on biology and chemistry on the MCAT… Since I am an IB diploma student, there are certain requirements that I have to meet and I have absolutely no room to take AP Physics. My main concern is that I will be behind my peers when I attend college… Especially since I plan on being a pre-med student, I want to do well in all of my classes to maintain a high GPA.

Do you think I will be able to somewhat catch up to my peers if I try to self-study for physics over the summer by taking a class at my local community college?

Or… Would you recommend I take AP Physics 1 instead of AP Chemistry this year?

If you are an IBDP student taking a science HL, there is no reason to take 3 AP sciences.

Worry about MCAT in college. Your colleges science classes will BC e more important for MCAT material. And AP credit in science does not fulfill the prerequisite for most med schools.