Self submitting AP Scores

Hey guys.

So I have six 5s on AP exams, one 4 on APES, and one 2 on Physics 1.

I am planning on applying to highly selective schools, so I am definitely not self submitting Physics 1 on my common app. However, I do not know whether to submit my only 4, especially since it is APES, one of the easier science classes.

What do you guys think?

I see no reason in not submitting the 4. True, for a “highly selective college” they either grant no credit for APES or else only give credit for a 5, but a 4 is still a very good score.

The thing about omitting scores when the class appears on your transcript is that an AO may wonder if you actually got a 1. No big deal for Physics, since you did fail the exam, but it’s not the case for APES.

Easier class does not always equal easier exam. You may find in college that there are classes that have a very light workload, but that does not mean that an A is guaranteed.