Send SAT or ACT score?

I suspect these scores are functionally equivalent (looking at the comparison charts), but seeing if anyone sees an advantage to sending one versus the other or sending both.


ACT taken Spring 2021 (Sophomore year). 36/36 in English and Reading, 35 in Science, 34 in Math. (10 on the essay if it matters.)

SAT taken Spring 2022. 790 English. 760 Math.


What type of school and what major?

Probably not.
Could depend on college or major / special program whether one score or the other would provide very slight advantage.

No likely declared major inbound (except where required by school) and prefer strong overall schools. Reaches will be from spectrum of top competitive schools. Less clear yet what matches will be. Safeties will be in-state flagship and some schools with great NMF aid. For eventual major, likely STEM focus (though probably not applying to competitive CS programs straight from HS), with possible music as minor (and likely to submit as supplemental material).

Those are beautiful scores that would support an application to any school. Send them both!


They’re pretty close to identical. 35.25 is the top of the four scores that round to 35, so I suppose you could see it as equal a 1560 from the conversion table. But it won’t really matter.

72/790 and 34/760 are exactly the same on the tables, so there’s no bias by major.


I would send both scores. They are great scores, even in today’s hyper competitive, test optional, score inflation era. They are similar, which reinforces the good performance on both.


You may want to consider choosing a major, as long as choosing it won’t put the student in the wrong school at the university. If the student has a story/narrative that supports a certain major, it may be easier for an AO to imagine the student on campus, even if choosing one isn’t required.

The student may have success applying without, but it’s something I would recommending considering and researching before you finalize applications. If nothing else, having a major in mind may help the applicant mold the application to be more powerful.

(Also — not suggesting that the student be disingenuous in choosing, but pick an area of true interest that makes sense with the rest of the application.)

Beware that if CS is more competitive for frosh admission, it is likely that students who enroll without direct admission to CS will face a highly competitive secondary admission process to get into the CS major later.