Sending my A Levels instead of SAT IIs

<p>I've read that Yale will accept A Level results as a substitute for SAT Subject Test scores on a one-for-one basis.</p>

<p>Do any other universities do this???</p>

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<p>No other university within my knowledge allows this - certainly not any other Ivies/top schools.</p>

<p>And you will have to take your A Levels half a year earlier than normal for this to be possible.</p>

<p>(A Levels are taken in May of senior year - college decisions are released April of senior year)</p>

<p>Even then, if you take your A Levels in October of senior year, the results will be out towards the end of January, weeks after the application deadline. Yale says this is acceptable as long as they are contacted with the scores by February though.</p>

<p>If you did an A-level I think with some studying you could do the SAT? For example the Lit one is pretty easy, you don’t even need to take a course…</p>

<p>Peachaso I’m predicted A grade in A Level Literature I got a 650 on the SAT Lit :P</p>

<p>The skills do not translate over whatsoever, the A Level course is entirely essay-based and encourages extremely personal interpretation in context of the times of the author.</p>

<p>The SAT Lit is an entirely different thing.</p>

<p>Thank you. </p>

<p>Drelnis, I am actually taking a gap year, so have already taken my A Levels and will get my results in August.</p>

<p>You need to submit your final A2+AS grades which you only get at the end of the summer after your A2 sitting.</p>

<p>I don’t think grade predictions will suffice. Yale wants FULL A Levels.</p>

<p>This IS the summer of my A2 sitting! So when I apply, they will be full A Levels.</p>

<p>Yea I know. I just wanted to make sure :P</p>

<p>What subjects did you take?</p>

<p>oh right, okay lol</p>

<p>English Lit, History, Latin</p>

<p>are you doing A Levels as well?</p>

<p>Yes I took the three sciences + Maths.</p>

<p>I have to submit the results to my college as soon as I get them.</p>