Sending sat scores


<p>Have you all sent your SAT scores through College board? </p>

<p>All my colleges have accepted the screenshots of my SAT scores so should I do the same for the SAT Subject test scores too. ( 10.5 USD per college is such a waste of money )</p>

<p>We better have. The January deadline has already passed.</p>

<p>Note: If you are applying to more than one UC, you can send any UC your SAT scores and they will be available to all campuses.</p>

<p>Yeah I did a long time back. I don't get how they accepted screenshots, everything is photoshop-able these days.</p>

<p>you must send the scores directly through college board for them to be considered valid.</p>

<p>Colleges accepting screenshots? That's the first time I have ever heard about it.</p>

<p>Ya they do but only if you have a valid reason like VERY low income < $2500 per annum.</p>

<p>Then what was this post all about, unless u own 5 fortune 500 corporations now and feel like paying this time, it is always good to evade paying.</p>