Senior applying ED - Chances?

<p>Applying ED to COMM for photojournalism</p>

<p>~School doesn’t rank.
~Private Christian School</p>

<p>~GPA was a 3.9 uw last year …
and cum 9-11 was a 3.42, freshman year brought me down a lot + I have a diagnosed learning disability and didn’t get treatment until 2nd semester soph year. Uphill trend</p>

<p>~4 semesters CSF + counting
~SAT 1850/taking ACT this year</p>

<p>~Courses complete by graduation:
4 years english
4 years spanish
4 years math
4 years science (3 lab)
4 years bible
2 years art
3 years history</p>

<p>~Senior schedule is
AP Spanish
AP English
Study Skills (class for students w learning disabilities)</p>

AP Lang (3), AP Spanish, AP Lit, Honors Eng 1 +2</p>

Started a currently running portrait business
Photographer for Feeding America SD
3 summers spent volunteering/living at orphanage in Uganda, Africa
3 different jobs through HS
Started small non-profit business to raise $ for Uganda
2 years cheer
2 years lacrosse
1 year tennis
Development Team @ School
3 years/President of Photography club
2 years spanish club
2 years green club
Published in San Diego Reader</p>

<p>Tell me if I’m missing anything!!!
Thank you :)</p>

<p>The most important thing that BU looks for is a hard schedule. I would take more AP courses. I’m going to BU this year and I took four AP’s my senior year and one my junior year.</p>

<p>Comments like the one above are not actually true of every applicant. Sure, BU is a GOOD school, but it’s not that great (it’s my top choice and I’m saying this of my DREAM school). BU doesn’t need 12 APs with a 5 on every test. Sure, that looks great. What they look for is the ultimate well-rounded student. Hey bud, that’s you. You don’t need the hardest schedule or a perfect SAT, this isn’t Harvard. What you need is to show you are an upstanding citizen, a member of your school’s community, to show that you are dedicated and motivated. I think you’ve done that. While admissions are random, I’d say you have a great chance. Your SAT is a LITTLE low compared to more recent stats, 100 points and you’d be solid. Shoot for around 28+ on the ACT and I bet you’ll get a good letter in the mail! :D</p>

<p>^^ thank you!!! so encouraging :slight_smile: avilliotti93, as for the AP’s, at my school you qualify for AP’s only with a recommendation and B or above on an exam they give you. and were only allowed to take 3 as a senior so i’m doing 2… i have a full load already!!!</p>