Senior year schedule (APES or AP Physics C Mech)

I have already signed up my senior classes, but I am wondering whether signing up for APES as my science was the right decision. For reference, I plan to major in Econ and math, or something related to that combination.

I’m worried that APES will look like a downgrade in rigor from AP Physics 1 in junior year.

Junior Schedule
AP Lang, APUSH, PreCalc, AP Seminar, AP Physics 1, AP Psych, Spanish 4

Senior Schedule
AP Lit, AP gov/Macro, AP Calc BC, AP Research, APES (or physics C), AP Stats, AP Spanish

My senior schedule is already really rigorous but I don’t want colleges to think that I don’t care about the sciences. I like physics, but the teacher is annoying and assigns a ton of work. Which should I take?

Same situation here. Take APES, since college apps will take a lot of time.

APES would be seen as less rigorous than Physics C, but a non-STEM major with 6 AP courses is plenty.

An alternative recommendation would be AP Physics C instead of ES and drop Research or Stats.

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Our guidance department said that AP Physics C is primarily for kids going into engineering or engineering colleges. By extension, if you are going for a computer science major that is housed in an engineering department, this might be useful. For just about everything else, you can get away with APES, although a highly competitive college might prefer the rigor of AP Bio or AP Chem (if you haven’t already taken either), depending on your interests and possible future major.