Senior Year To-Do List!

<p>I'm an upcoming senior in HS (and I'll be 18 in May) and I really want to have a great year. I don't want to have any regrets about things I never did, so I've been trying to compile a list of things I want to accomplish before I graduate/turn 18 and become an adult. Any ideas?</p>

<p>What intrigues you?</p>

<p>I want to make a list too.</p>

<li>Go to all school dances.</li>
<li>Bring 18 flowers to school and give one to all the people I love. </li>
<li>Use the public transit more often.</li>
<li>Go to football games.</li>
<li>Show more school spirit. When the intercom says, "Go (name of our mascot)", I'll holler and get all pumped. </li>

<p>I'll add more later.</p>

<p>I have a dormant desire to incite a food fight. As cliche' and juvenille as it sounds, I'd love to be in one good mess before I have to be a big boy.</p>

<p>To Do List:</p>

<li>Lunch Lady</li>
<li>Mrs. Jones</li>

<p>I want to contract my first STD!!! </p>

<p>Yeah! <em>pumps bro fist</em></p>

<p>You just made me realize that I'll be 18 in April...:(</p>

<p>stay out super late and sneak into your room through your bedroom window (if you haven't done this before!)</p>

<p>iamamartain knows what the f_ck's up.</p>

<p>To do list:</p>

<p>~Win state championship (again) in Cross
~Top 5 in nationals (again) in Cross
~Badass homecoming and prom
~Get those pesky Subject Tests done with
~Apply to all my schools
~Get into all my schools
~Spend an unforgettable year with my girlfriend before we go off to separate schools</p>

<p>Here's my to do list:
Go out with friends more often
Ask for letters of recommendation by October
Thrive in another rigorous course schedule
Send in applications at least one week before due date
Land an editorial job in the yearbook staff
Become editor-in-chief or other major editor of the school newspaper
Do very well in school (maintain 4.2 GPA)
Not visit the "chance me" threads
Show the "chance me" threads to someone who has a huge ego
Keep myself company when every other senior is at the Disneyland trip
And once I've graduated... get the **** out of there</p>

<p>Good ideas :) Thanks!</p>

<p>Mine so far:
-Go crowdsurfing
-Fork someone's lawn
-Drink at a few local spots around town
-Make-out in the teacher's lounge
-Attend a HS football game (never have before)
-Watch the sunrise
-Smoke a cigar
-Do a 1AM Wendy's run on a Wednesday
-Start working on writing a novel
-Write an epic </p>

<p>Definetly kind of a last hurrah before the real world. Not to say you can't enjoy life as an adult, but I feel as though this is the last year to really go all out.</p>

<p>Get my GPA up to a 90
Graduate with honors
Get a BF
Get laid
Road trip
Go to ATL for football state champ game
Prom/prom after-parties</p>

<p>Oh, I forgot:</p>

<p>-Take a road trip to Montreal</p>

<p>Oh wow I still can't believe I'll be a senior...</p>

<li>Draw portraits for all my friends.</li>
<li>Spend a day eating at all my favorite restaurants here before leaving.</li>
<li>Spend a day taking photos around the city.</li>
<li>Hanging out with my friends more often, having deep conversations with them, learning new things about them even after four years of friendship.</li>

<p>^true blue kentucky fan that's whatup!</p>

<p>futureexecutive: HIGH FIVE. I'm a Korean fan :D</p>

<p>are you from kentucky?</p>