Sewanee Early Action

Anyone know when EA decisions are expected? The website just says Late January. Thanks.

I thought it was January 15th!


I wish they gave a specific date!!!

I’m now hearing it will be the 20th.

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Did everyone receive the 1/18/21 File Review Roundtable webinar invite from admissions?

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Yes got the invite on Monday

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I got it too. Are y’all planning to attend?

Will join.

My D is attending.

I didn’t get the invite. It means bad news for my application? I am worried.

How was it? I was not able to go on

It seemed like it was for anyone who applied or is still thinking of applying. The link to sign up was in an email on 1/11 and the subj. line was “So you’ve hit submit.” Hope that helps!

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One interesting item they mentioned in the meeting was that they would be providing a daily countdown to decision release day for EA applicants on social media. They mentioned that decisions (Admit, Deny or Defer) should come by the end of January.

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Wow this is so helpful!!! Thank you!!!

FYI… They mentioned that several hundred students & parents joined the webinar… so I assume all applicants were invited.

yeah i was invited I just unfortunately couldn’t attend :frowning:

I was somewhat surprised at the emphasis on sports and the emphasis on how you would fit into the current Sewanee culture, “this applicant reminds me of Sally.”


The interesting thing is that my D has sent many emails of introduction and interest to the coaching staff at the school and even tried calling several times. No return engagement besides a holiday greeting card signed by the coach… just his signature. She has been recruited by other D3 schools; so somewhat surprised at their lack of interest… maybe waiting to see if she is accepted before trying to recruit her.

Responsiveness from other areas of the school (admissions, housing, faculty and students) has been amazing! Sewanee is a small school with a great reputation.

Probably sport-specific. My D21 has had constant communication from the coach of her potential sport, as recently as this week informing her when to expect EA decisions. She had a recruiting visit last winter where she spent the night and met the team/coaching staff. In our experience, the responsiveness of that athletic staff has matched the rest of the school.