SF State (SFSU) Class of 2025

hey yall, I didn’t see one of these for sf state 2025 so I decided to make one lol.

Hi! I applied OOS for apparel design and marketing.

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have you heard back yet? ik some people have already herad

Really?! No, I haven’t heard back yet. I heard back from Cal State LA a while ago though.

Okay, then maybe it’s was just people who didn’t apply to an impacted major.

I heard back and I got accepted into USFCA. Look forward to seeing some of you there

i applied as a pre- nursing major but I haven’t heard anything yet

Congrats. It goes by SFSU, by the way. :slight_smile:

ohhh, yayyy! same

I just found out I was accepted! Does anyone know when FA will be available?

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Congratulations! Can you share how you learned of your acceptance? How did they notify you?

Sorry, I don’t know the answer to your financial aid question.

I received an emailed letter of acceptance and my portal was updated.

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hi!! same here, under my financial aid it doesn’t say anything either. it makes me so confused.

I got accepted! Super excited! Hope yall get your email soon

Congratulations! Do you know when it came in?

Mine came on Friday, in the afternoon.

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Accepted, in state, Cinema major!

When were you notified, today or last week?

Last week.

My son was rejected today for Computer Science. He has a CSU GPA (according to another CSUs calculation) of 4.36, and 15 dual enrollment courses. I bet they rejected him in large part because he is homeschooled and he didn’t have all of his A-G’s covered through approved A-G providers. We could appeal if that’s the reason, because, well, it’s complicated, but they should not reject him solely on that. But it could’ve been for other reasons, I suppose.

Best of luck to everyone.