SFAI vs. CalArts? Help??

<p>I just got admitted to SFAI for Film and I am currently waiting from an admissions decision from CalArts. I am having trouble deciding which school I rather attend if I did get accepted to CalArts.</p>

<p>SFAI vs. CalArts:
SFAI is in my favorite city. As an activist, I would love to be in a city full of diversity and radical people. Also, I'm vegan and San Francisco has lots and lots of places for me to eat!
On top of that, I got a $12, 000 scholarship at SFAI, which would really help me out with buying my own equipment and all that good stuff. My sister just got accepted to SF State, which I think is awesome because we're pretty close and I would love to still be able to hang out with her, etc. SFAI, however, does NOT offer double majors or even minors :/ Everybody knows it's tough for an artists to get a job, so I was really hoping I could get a liberal arts minor (preferably something to do with poli. sci. or communications) that could help me get a job of some sort.</p>

<p>Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think it goes without saying that CalArts' film program superior than SFAI's. They also offer liberal arts minors. I don't have a scholarship for CalArts, though (but I do have financial aid, so money is not really an issue). One thing I can't stand about CalArts is the location. It's in the middle of a dead suburban nowhere...I spent a month at a pre-college program there and there is no life in the surrounding neighborhood, metaphorically speaking. The only good part about the location is that it's only an hour away from LA (where I live), so visiting friends and family would be no problem at all. Also, I wouldn't have to try and work out a long distance relationship with my significant other like I would if I went to SFAI......</p>

<p>Please help! What should I do?? SFAI or CalArts???
Thanks in advance!!!!</p>

<p>Anyone? Any advice and any suggestions are very much appreciated!</p>

<p>That sounds like a hard choice. If I were you I would visit each school for at least a whole day. Sit in on classes, talk to lots of students and meet some teachers. Something in that process is likely to give you the answer.</p>

<p>I agree with drae. Visit SFAI and CalArts and see which one you like more. </p>

<p>What I can say is that SFAI is completely and totally imbedded in the San Francisco art scene. In addition, nobody will give you a job because you have a liberal arts minor. That really doesn't matter for anything. What matters more than anything is experience. Either school will teach you a boatload and will set you up for the future. 48 thousand dollars that you don't have to spend is a huge incentive as well. Buy your parents a Mercedes if you go to SFAI because that's what you just saved them. </p>

<p>Most of all, visit the schools and see which one makes you feel more at home, welcome, and will set you up for experiences that will move you forward in life.</p>

<p>You are correct that location is a huge part of your education and experience. San Francisco as a city is much more diverse and supportive of emerging artists. I have lots of friends that had the same decision to make that you do. It sounds like you might not be as informed about the SFAI Film department. My friends that have graduated from the Film department at SFAI rave about the quality of the facilities and support of faculty. SFAI has the facilities to work in Analog and Digital. Also they are the leading program for Documentary, Avant-Garde and Experimental film. Also, because SFAI is super selective and smaller, you actually get one-on-one support with the faculty (who are all working artist). </p>

<p>As for you concern with getting a job, artist don't need to "GET 2 Degrees". There are plenty of job opportunities out there for artist, like working with non-profit art collectives, public cable channels, galleries & museums, public funded art grants- SFAI is such a huge staple in the bay area, you will be overwhelmed with the opportunities available to you. An BFA degree will get you the exact same entry level job you will be qualified for with any other degree. You should read Daniel Pink's "A Whole New Mind", he explains how a businesses are now looking at people with art degrees to lead their companies. </p>

<p>Lastly, many schools say they are "interdisciplinary" but SFAI can actually back that statement up. You are allowed and encouraged to take classes in other departments. As a conceptual school your ideas come first and sometimes that means you need to work in another medium. Other programs don't allow you to explore or experiment. Be careful you don't limit the possibilities ahead of you!</p>

<p>If you are committed to being an artist, truly want to explore your ideas and be apart of the art world/community, your decision show be easy- SFAI all the way!</p>

<p>P.S. The campus is super cool and the view of the city from the quad are amazing!</p>

<p>I agree with PaintingColor, the facilities are awesome. The Film Department is equipped to support work in 16mm, Super 8, DV, and high-definition video. They even have equipment for off-campus. If you haven't visited, ask to see the production studio available for students to reserve and use. It's huge and has a full lighting kit, green screens, set design pieces. Because the school is small, you won't be waiting in line for check-out. </p>

<p>Even though SFAI is very conceptual the also offer specialized technical workshops, scriptwriting classes, and advanced courses in editing, animation, story-boarding, 3-D rendering, and other classes. </p>

<p>The students are very diverse and my 2 good friends that attend, have made some amazing friends from all different departments. I always have fun hanging out with them when I visit SF (especially the MISSION, super delish food and music scene). I love all the art and culture in SF, plus you feel more apart of the city than in LA (where you have to drive everywhere and contribute to more environmental polutants). I think SF peeps are more globally and environmentally conscious. </p>

<p>Good Luck and you must be super talented to have been accepted! Make lots of FILMS!!!</p>

<p>You guys all made such valid points! All your suggestions have been extremely helpful, thanks!!</p>