SFS and athletes

<p>How often are varsity athletes able to do SFS and their sport? because it sounds like the SFS is really involved.</p>

<p>same question wondering same thing</p>

<p>Most athletes tend to be in the MSB or in the College as something like a sociology major, but it definitely depends on the sport...</p>

<p>I think there is a perception that SFS kids do a ton more work than kids in the other schools. Granted, MSB is generally thought of as the easiest school because there is the least amount of work to do, but there are many kids I know in the NHS and especially the pre-med program in the College that have even more work than SFS kids. I would think that it's hard for very committed varsity athletes to do their sport and take classes in the SFS, but certainly not impossible.</p>

<p>jangel: soccer</p>