Share and Tell - New Year's Eve Plans

New Year’s Eve plans? Let those of us don’t have any thrilling plans live through yours!

Or, if you’re like me, share how you’re perfectly happy to be home doing something simple - will you at least make it for the ball drop??

We will be staying home in the evening - menu yet to be decided - probably something a little luxurious and decadent - crab maybe??? Entertainment of the night? The Cotton Bowl - GO GREEN! (We’re Spartans. :slight_smile: )

I don’t do New Year’s Eve. Although 22 years ago I had a baby on NYE.

If my ear is better (or at least is not worse), we are going dancing to the fancy pants hotel in the town next to us! :slight_smile:

Friend’s for a dinner party that starts at 6:30 so it may not last 'til midnight.

Pros: love this friend whom i don’t get to see often. Really like his new wife, too.

Cons: I’m not crazy about the new wife’s friends who will be there and i recently got a Restalyne injection for under eye hollows that gave me a black eye. :frowning: and I dont really see any other difference. So i will look terrible, and can’t even imagine the upside.

Also, I feel like I’m starting to get a sinus infection, or maybe something else. I generally try to show up anyway but I’m feeling pretty lousy.

Dh and I are going to the wedding of two of his co-workers. Second wedding in four weeks! The ceremony is at 6, and their plan is to ring in the new year, but I doubt we’ll make it that long. Ds2 had his wisdom teeth out this week so we don’t want to leave him along too long. Ds1 has agreed to stay with him until 9ish before he heads to his own parties.

ETA … I love wedding cake. I hope it’s good.

I will be stressing about not hearing a decision yet.

Leftover Thai food with the 2 kids and a rousing game of “It Was a Dark & Stormy Night” is our plan. :slight_smile:

Mr R and I are going to his parents to watch the game with his parents, siblings, and their SOs. Every single one of us has at least one degree from MSU (and all but one BIL and his fiance met their SO at MSU) so we’re a pretty hardcore Spartan family. @abasket GO WHITE!

I’ve never really been one to celebrate NYE and the meds I’m on are not compatible with alcohol. So everyone will be drinking except me (and I need a drink when I’m with the in-laws!) but luckily everyone is staying the night so I don’t have to be the DD. [This is actually kind of sad since one of the few interests my FIL and I share is that we’re the only two in the family who really like beer. We’ve bonded over going to different breweries and he usually has new craft beers for me to try when I come over :frowning: ]

Hope everyone has a fun, safe holiday.

Ouch, @nottelling! Fingers crossed your body’s immune system will nip the sinus infection in the bud. I took my first horse pill of antibiotics for what my doc thinks is a bad case of an ear infection, but I am hell bent on having a glass of bubbly at midnight! :wink:

My big party days are over I do believe. H decided tonight that we should go out to dinner. We usually do. I do not really care since he is the cook in this family. He called a place we can walk to from our home. That way we can have several glasses of wine with dinner and not worry about driving. They only had pretty late openings. So we reserved a time, but I do not want to be there at midnight. I want to be home in my pj’s.

Planned to go to my sister’s. Decided not to as I didn’t really want to drive the 4 hours.

So clearly I’m not sharing any thrills OP. More the PJ type at this stage of my life. But this too may change in the future.

Daughter has a paying gig in a club. Husband is going with her to schlep her gear, though he may come home and hang with me during the hours of the gig. I will be enjoying TV, then going out on the balcony to watch the firework displays from our balcony. Last year it was so clear that we could see eight different displays, not just the ones that are close to our apartment building. Happy New Year everyone!

This thread reminds me that this new year eve will be the very first one that DS is with his GF, thanks to her busy schedule around that time. In the past 4 years, she always went back to her family during Christmas and New Year. (They will not be with us though because we are on the other coast.)

DH and I are going to a resort restaurant in the middle of Mission Bay in San Diego for a late dinner, dancing, party favors, etc. Nice and secluded from the crazies and 10 minute drive back home. No fireworks unless the boats shoot them off.

I grew up in East Lansing where both parents were associated with MSU, went to Michigan (as did brother), got an adult university certificate from Northwestern, niece is at Wisconsin, and SIL went to Illinois. I’ve seen so many bowl games over the years… I miss the old days where you only had to worry about one game post-season: the Rose Bowl! And my brother is in a quandary whom to root against in the Fiesta Bowl - the traditional enemy from our high school years, or the traditional enemy from our college days.

Going to my neighbor’s to eat ribs and watch the football game. Small group, there are only 8 of us.

I’ve been mulling what to wear but then duh! I’ll wear green! No MSU gear here, H and I went to smaller schools but we’ll be rooting for Sparty tonight!

Good friends have a small party every year, then another friend has a party on New Years Day.

Going to a great restaurant in DC for a tasting menu/wine pairing and staying in a hotel overnight. We don’t usually do new years. I’m not sure what got into hubby this year. Maybe because the kids invited some friends over.

We rarely do anything, especially now. DH worries the whole night about the boys, especially the 22 year old. He wants to be completely sober in case we get a call or something. Perhaps a little much, but if that is what makes him feel comfortable, then so be it.

We are all sick at home and DD is on the other coast so no reason to celebrate here, sniff sniff. So we will just go to bed early and save up our strength for the Fiesta Bowl party at a local pub. It’s hosted by the California Notre Dame alumni and I can’t wait to wear my new gear Santa brought me. Go IRISH!

We will be going to a friend’s for their annual NYE party. It’s the same group of people every year, and the women are my first-Saturday-of-the-month breakfast club ladies. We just got together last Saturday for a surprise birthday party for one of our group. So, sort of same-old-same-old, but with people we’re comfortable with and know well.

We usually stay until around 12:15, so we can say we made it past midnight.

While H and I are perfectly happy to stay at home, this year we are actually going out. My bff’s husband and a couple of other guys started up a band earlier in the year, and tonight is their first real gig, at a local brewpub. I’m a little torn about going out but I’m sure it’ll be fun once we’re out!