Short Answer: Look Over Please!!

<p>This is my short answer for Common App. Any critiques would be welcomed. Please comment on how to improve. Thank you. </p>

<p>Ever since my first lesson at the age of nine, I’ve had a very on-and-off relationship with the cello. I can remember the joyous feeling of music flowing from beneath my bow and also the struggles of overcoming certain obstacles in my playing. I’ve had phases in which I hated the cello more than anything else and phases in which I’d practice for hours on end. However, today, nothing brings me more pleasure than sitting down with my cello and letting go of the complicated world as I focus myself on the beautiful notes of Saint-Saens or Bach. I do not claim to be exceptionally talented at what I do; I am not even the best in my small school of 400 students. However, through four orchestras, two chamber ensembles, and my own time, I spend as much of my life as I can practicing, perfecting, and enjoying the music I myself can produce.</p>