Should friend bother to apply?

<p>friend wants to know if he should bother applying</p>

<p>3.34 unweighted : (
4.0 weighted</p>

<p>1520/1600 SAT
800 crit/720 math
subjects: lit: 750
US history: 660</p>

<p>half hispanic/half asian
national hispanic scholar</p>

<p>writing award and various other awards which i dont want to mention on here
ap psych/spanish: 5
phys: 1</p>

<p>should be great essays, he's a fantastic writer </p>

<p>cornell/ university of chicago/northwestern/ claremont colleges</p>

<p>Well he needs more ECs, but test scores look good. GPA isn't fantastic but it's good. He should apply.</p>

<p>There's no reason not to apply. He has a great SAT score, and his race makes up for the relatively low GPA. If his writing is as great as you say it is, then that helps him twofold - he has great extracurrics and will have great essays. Those schools are reaches for everybody, but he'll make at least one. Would you mind chancing me back?</p>

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<p>yes apply for sure
thanks for the chance and good luck:)</p>


<p>Definitely, they have the grades and SATs score which is what matters.</p>

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<p>Apply never hurts!Especially with your friend's good stats.Good Luck!</p>

<p>what are his EC's?</p>

<p>^ ummm im not sure about all of them as he didn't supply me with all his info
he's been in decathlon since freshman...or sophomore year? and yeah...not really sure about his other ones</p>

<p>Those schools are all somewhat reaches, but he should definitely apply. Also he should look at Pitzer in claremont he'd pretty much definitely get in there</p>

<p>On a 1-10 scale (10 the highest):</p>

<p>Cornell: 6.5
University of Chicago: 7
Northwestern: 8
Claremont: 8</p>

<p>Since I don't have a lot of specifics for this individual, I won't be able to give more detailed reasoning; all of my "forecasts", if you will, were based purely upon GPA and SAT scores. But just based upon what they have (and if they have commensurate ECs and awards), they have an excellent shot at getting in to those schools.</p>

<p>Chance</a> me as my birthday gift!! :)</p>

<p>University of Chicago: match
Cornell: within reason
Northwestern: match
Claremont: definately
Please chnce back for BC</p>

<p>Well, his SAT scores are way above the mid 50%. But how is his GPA low? If it is due to him being sick like me than he should apply. You may never know. However, he needs to improve his ECs</p>

<p>^im really not sure why his gpa is low. he has pretty bad math grades...all Cs so i think that's what brought him down. he has quite a few ECs which i did not list on here. what do you think his chances are for each school?</p>

<p>1- 10 Scale</p>

<p>Cornell- 6
U Chic- 6.5
Northwestern- 6
Claremont colleges- 8</p>

<p>chance me <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>if his essays are as good as you say they are, they will probably give him the extra edge to get into these schools. Plus, he's sort of URM, so that helps too. If he has solid ECs, he has a good chance at all these schools (if you discount the fact that admissions is crapshoot at top schools anyway.)
Basically, he is definitely qualified, and therefore should definitely apply.</p>

<p>of course he should
he has great chances at each uni, especially because of his URM status</p>

<p>he should try, u never know</p>


<p>If he has decent extracurriculars, then I think he was an okay shot at Cornell, Chicago, and NW, somewhere between a match and a reach. The Claremont Colleges vary though. I think he's in Pitzer no problem, not Claremont McKenna, Harvey Mudd, and Pomona College might be tougher.</p>