should i apply to U of T

<p>I live in the UK and have good
A level predictions (A*AA) and
AS level grades (AAAB which is a GPA of 3.9)
but the problem is im not too sure how much they actually care about sat scores.</p>

<p>I got Maths:730 Writing:690 Critical Reading: 610</p>

<p>Im applying for mechanical engineering btw which is very competitive at Toronto.</p>


<p>SATs are more for the States. UT is a great university!</p>

<p>i know its a great university lol but wanted to know if i should apply to U of T</p>

<p>apply. Uoft accepts quite a few international students. I dont understand your scores but getting into canadian universities is relatively easy in comparison to the states.</p>

<p>sweet thanks man</p>