Should I attend Georgetown Walsh SFS-need advice (esp. alums)

I was admitted into the school of foreign service and it appeals to me. I like the campus and location but I have certain qualms about attending and I was wondering if they are valid. I heard that SFS is basically career prep and very streamlined and I am not sure if I want to end up going into IR. I think I will but I want to have the option to explore other interests and find myself which I am scared I won’t be able to do at gtown and I will feel trapped (especially since if I were to transfer to gtown college I rather just be at a different school). That is my main worry but less important but still worries are Georgetown’s pretentiousness/cliqueyness and the competitiveness of clubs. Please help ty!!

The “pretentiousness/cliqueyness” is no concern. You will find your people at Georgetown, or any school.

However, your main concern is valid. It really doesn’t sound like you want your life to go in that direction. It is hard to get in to an awesome university like Georgetown and then to rationalize not attending. However, you have every right to be happy.

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I do feel like I want to go into that though but I want to know if at the school you still feel like you can grow and discover your interests or if it is set

What - or who- has scared you? Where does the idea that you are “trapped” come from?

Have you spent any time looking at the curriculum (core & majors)?

IMO, the SFS community is the most diverse & interesting group at Georgetown (and the least “pretentious/cliquey”, but same as any college if you get there & find it doesn’t suit you are not trapped. Transferring from SFS to the College is pretty straightforward. Transferring from Georgetown to a peer school is possible.

From your other thread you are deciding between Journalism or IR as your major, and the proxies for that choice are NU and Georgetown. From here, it looks as though you are having cold feet about committing, about making a “wrong” choice- but with those 2 schools there is no ‘wrong’ choice - unless it ends up in a lot of college debt, b/c both those fields are poorly paid (at least at the beginning / sometimes always).

Fwiw you don’t have to do either journalism OR IR, and your preferred path of college → journalism → law school → diplomat is only one possible path. For a start, law school is not a pre-req for diplomacy. And, depending on what you like about journalism, that can be a part of a state department career.

You are going to have to let go of being so afraid- it will be a big obstacle to success either in journalism or diplomacy! Don’t tie yourself up in knots trying to figure out your whole life: take one step at a time: right now, this path looks more interesting / more fun / more challenging (in a good way) / more exciting to me. Choose that one.


You’ll be taking different classes through the core, letting you explore a lot of subjects, and there are several majors in SFS, not just IR.
Then, you can add all these minors and certificates:

This helped me so much thank you!

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So, I am an SFS alum - albeit from several decades ago. I am pretty surprised about your perception that SFS is career prep; I definitely didn’t find it that way. I was an International Econ - Int’l Finance and Commerce major/concentrator. I went on to work in finance (buy side). For me, part of the appeal was the international component SFS added- I loved languages and “finance” and went on to work both domestically and overseas. I put finance in quotes because the focus was somewhat more economics than pure finance (having gone on for an MBA I found a difference in the emphasis of the two programs with my Wharton MBA definitely more “career prep”). I would agree with prior comments that addressed the basic requirements at Georgetown and the breadth that the overall program provides. Not sure I can comment on the current cliqueyness or competitiveness of clubs - didn’t feel that way back when. If you have specific questions, feel free to PM me. I loved my Georgetown experience. Hope this helps!

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@itsamemario879 : have you made a decision?

I just saw this but yes I did I ended up picking georgetown and I really like it here!