Should I be concerned about UW-Madison?

I applied EA oos to UW-Madison with a 3.9 GPA, 1400 SAT, and a 31 ACT. I saw that a lot of people are getting updates to their MyUW accounts with “new student to do lists”, and I didn’t get one… I know it’s just anxiety but should I be concerned that I didn’t get in?? I can’t help but refresh my portal every 5 minutes.

Where have you seen that people are getting updates, and what exactly are the updates? Haven’t seen any changes yet.

I joined the UW 2025 Facebook group. Haven’t seen anyone get an admissions decision, but quite a few people have gotten this new student to do list added to their portals. I’m thinking it might just be Wisconsin/Minnesota residents so far but I’m not sure

Thanks. OOS here, too.

We are oos also and we don’t have it either. 3.8 uw gpa 34 ACT

I can see the New Student To-Do list in the portal. It’s new this evening, but it says technical difficulties when I opened it. I have no idea about what it means.

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My OOS daughter is patiently (not) waiting to hear from UW-Madison as well. We hope to hear back sooner than January 30th. OOS California. 3.96 UW gpa

your children have great stats. there is nothing to worry about.
good luck, everyone!

are you applying in or out of state?

It’s very likely just a software update.

my son applies from New Jersey :slight_smile:

My daughter has a 4.0 UW gpa and 32 ACT OOS, no update on her portal :frowning:

I guess we have all over-interpreted it. Likely it may turn out irrelevant at all.

It’s somewhat of a safety school for my daughter even though she applied test optional. 4.5 GPA. We don’t see the new student to-do list either. Do see the course enroll.

We don’t have that “new student to do list” either, just the course enroll. OOS.

My 1 advice would be to make sure your child doesn’t think he is in because of this. Don’t read anything into it. As my child was deferred from a school recently that she thought she was getting into (very competitive, but she thought she had a leg up), it’s much better if they have low expectations. It was very painful, don’t look for positive signs until the acceptance is there.

I don’t have access to my S’s portal, but just chiming in as another OOS parent whose S has applied engineering to Wisconsin. 4.0 UW, 10 APs, 31 ACT (lots of cancelled tests but he submitted anyway).

So do we think OOS decisions will be early Jan? mid? late?

these post give me anxiety

Daughter OOS California ACCEPTED yesterday evening. Its her first choice. YAY!!!