Should I drop my math class or stay in it with a poor grade?

Hello! I am a senior that is currently taking Calc AB, and I am failing miserably. I’ve never gotten lower than an A- in a math class before and my average is currently an F. I’m going to speak with my teacher tomorrow, and he is likely going to tell me to drop the class. However, the way my schedule works out, the only other class that I could take that period is a study hall. I really want to avoid this because I don’t want colleges to see that I dropped math for a study hall on my mid year report.

However, I did apply early decision to a school and I find out the results on December 15. If I get accepted, I feel more willing to drop my math class because I’ll already have committed to college. And even if I don’t get in and have to send my transcripts to regular decision, what looks worse - dropping my math class or nearly failing it? My senioritis ridden heart is telling me to drop the class, but my head is telling me to try to pull out a C in the class. Any advice would be much appreciated - thank you so much!!

Any change in schedule or grade below a C needs to be reported to the ED school, because a surprise next summer on your final transcript could result in rescission of admission.


that’s good to know - do you think dropping the class and then reporting it to the school would look bad/possibly lead to rescission?

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It could result in the college re-evaluating the admission decision. Better to know that early rather than next summer.


Dropping the class and not adding a math class would be a big deal because it’s a core class and you no longer would have a required core that most colleges that have ED want.
Getting a D or F would also be.
The only choices are either to take another math class (through virtual school or dual enrollment f2f or online) or ask your teacher if there’s any chance you can learn what you missed and do well enough to get a c, and if so what.
Any way you can take AP stats?
Note that for the ED school going from calc AB to stats may be a problem but you wouldn’t automatically be rescinded the way a D or F would mean nor would it be as risky as no math senior year.


Personally I’d drop of I was gonna fail. But the semester is almost over.

That said the math necessary for your college likely depends on the major and school.

Could fail it for the semester but end up passing for the year right? I think I would seek lots of help and try to pull it out.

Aren’t your grades done by semester ??

Could you even withdraw this late ?

Which school did you apply. What major ?

One of my daughters best friends just dropped AP Calc AB and now has study hall. It was too late to transfer into another math class so study hall was her only option. She applied ED to a school also and her counselor said she needed to email the school ASAP and notify them of the change. Now the school she is applying too isn’t crazy competitive and she already has 4 years of math and her overall GPA is good so it shouldn’t matter, but the counselor said students really do need to notify schools of a core class change. How competitive is the school you applied to?


What college did you apply to ED?
What other colleges have tou applied to or do you plan to apply to?
What major?
Basically, not having a 4th year of math when the college you applied to wants it as a core requirement would be a BIG problem, especially if it’s competitive.
If you’re not applying for anything STEM-y, taking Stats through DE or virtual school is likely ok, but no math will be a big problem.