Should I drop physics?

I had to drop another class but that was before the deadline so it does not count towards my transcript. I wanted to concentrate on this course, but everything I do doesn’t work. I got an F on my first exam and all but 3 students failed with similar grade. I have a good GPA and I’m scared that the class is going to destroy it. I have until Monday for a 50% withdraw. I talked to my advisor but it wasn’t much help. I don’t know if I should stay and try to get a better grade on the second exam even though I’m not understanding anything, because what if I do get a better grade? Or should I drop the class but I’m unsure of the effects of it on my transcript. I’m not sure what 50% refund means in academically terms (I know the financial aspect) I just don’t know if I’ll get a WF, W or I. Also, I fear that since his the only professor that teaches the class, I might have to go through this again and what if I fail a second time?

Find out what happens…Ie a W. . But if you don’t understand than staying for an F isn’t good.

Can you get a tutor ? Is there a way for you to understand or perhaps take over summer ?

You need to talk to your advisor and pin them down on the impact from reporting, not money ?

But if you really know nothing you won’t pass.

If only three kids pass and that seems unlikely I would go see the dept chair. They might also be better to advise you.

Good luck


What’s your major?
Is the clasz a gen ed or a requirement?
What’s your math background and what grade did you get in Algebra2/precalculus/calculus ?
What kind of Physics is it (ie, conceptual physics/physics for non majors, general physics, calculus based physics for Engineers)?
Have you been to Office hours? Have you talked with the professor?

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Given the grade distribution, it sounds like it may be a weed-out class at your college. If it’s a large school the tests may be written by the department as a whole (by all physics profs), so it may or may not match what was covered in your section of the class. Are you Engineering? Do you know if the department curves? Can you see the full grade distribution for the class in Canvas? Have you checked the grade distribution from prior semesters for that class/prof?Have you been to tutoring? At midpoint in the semester, it probably means a W will show on your transcript; depending on your major and desired path after graduation, this may not be an issue. 50% refund is nice and not always offered. Definitely check with the school to understand the possible implications. Does your school allow academic forgiveness/grade replacement if you retake the class? Will your school allow you to take the equivalent course at a CC and transfer the credit?


That doesn’t sound like you should continue. I’d recommend that you drop it for now. If it’s a required course (for your intended major or the school’s gen ed), take it when you’re better prepared to take the course.

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Anyway you can take this class at another school in the summer? One of my kids goes to a university where the math department is notorious for difficult entry level math courses. Tests are created by all the profs. and graded by the TAs. There is no standardized grading either. Some TA’s give partial credit for a correct answer but will take-off major points for the process used to solve the equation and the reverse with other TA’s. In my opinion taking the W is better than trying to fix an “F.”

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I think you need to take a W and get out. Next time, you go to office hours, the tutoring center, get a private tutor, arrange for gourd study session, etc… Good luck.


another issue is whether dropping that class will be a pb wrt Financial aid (you need minimum of 12 credits I think.)

I go to his tutoring hours and I went to multiple tutor, watch videos online. I study when I can because I’m taking 4 other classes but it took me 10 hours one day and I still didn’t understand anything. I’m just also scared of the W because si have to take chemistry and I’m not good with anything that involves math.

If I drop, I’ll have 13. I always make sure I take more credits than needed just in case.

I was thinking that. I’ll see what I do. I went to many tutors and his office hours and still can’t get the concept. Also my advisor won’t answer me so I’m not sure if I will get a W because it says 50% refund the last day to drop it.

I’m a biotech major, is a requirement that’s why I’m hesitant dropping it. I’m not good at math at all, lucky I had A on algebra, calculus I and a B- in pre cal. I need another math and the class is college algebra so is not with calculus but the problem is that I can’t get the right answer even we the right formula or I just don’t understand wha it’s asking me. I been to office hours and to multiple tutors and I straight told the professor I’m not getting anything. Most of the class isn’t either.

I’m scared of the W because I’m premed and this will be my first. And I still need to take other hard science classes. The professor has really bad reviews online but his the only one that teaches college physics all semester and there is another for calculus but I’m not too good at math. Therefore, I thought that the algebra based would be more fitting for me but I’m not doing well on it. I don’t know who makes the exams because he never knows what’s going to be in it. Also, my friend asked her advisor because mine is not responding and they were told that if you get a C- or less than you can retake it and they will replace the grade but if you get a C then that will be stuck on your GPA, he also said that it would be pretty damaging to the GPA if she gets a C. Her grades are pretty similar to my grades and gpa so far so I guess it can have the same effect on my gpa. I think I can take it at a community college, I need the permission and I emailed a couple of med school to ask if that was permitted and I was told that as long if it’s 1 or 2 then is fine.

That’s what I was thinking but I’m not sure if I should have a W. I still need chemistry 2, organic 1&2 and many biology, 1 math class and another Physics. It would be on my best interest to drop it for now tho. I also have to deal with my parents if I do.

I would have to ask permission in the department but I’m also scared that what if I don’t pass then either.

For medical school applications, college GPA is recalculated without grade replacement in the case of repeated courses.

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Also, I contacted my advisor about dropping the class and the 50% refund is on Monday which I found on the school website. My advisor has not reply about if I get a W or not.

Then failing the class will create more damage.

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Also, a friend told me that if I fail now that I’m taking more classes it won’t damage my gpa as much then taking it over the summer by itself

If you are pre-med do not chance a D or F. Sounds like you are really struggling with the concepts…

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