Should I give up on Cal Poly SLO for Computer Science?

Ok so I applied Cal Poly SLO for fall 2020 but my schedule this semester at the CC has been a train wreck. Basically I wasn’t able to take the intro Communications Class because of schedules conflict. So I cannot complete the golden 4. My only option is an oral interpretation class with a very difficult professor. I’m an introvert and this class has me having to act like a drama student. The professor is also very strict and I heard rarely gives out A’s.

This is a problem because I am taking Physics 3 which is thermodynamics and quantum physics. This class looks very hard and I might get a C. I also applied to UC’s that I’m pretty sure I’ll get into some of and they have a requirement that I must maintain a final semester GPA of a 3.0 or higher or lose my acceptance. So if I take both these classes and get a C in physics and a B in coms then I will fail to meet the requirements for the UC.

My question is, Should I drop the Communications class and my chances of getting into Cal Poly in favor of taking easy A classes that will offset my potential C in physics to maintain a 3.0 overall? This way I will at least get into a UC. My GPA is a 3.6 overall so I’m not sure if my chances of getting into Cal Poly SLO are even good enough in the first place to warrant taking that Communications class.

not to be a downer here but, you probably should optimize your UC chances at this stage. It sounds like that means swapping out of Physics.

SLO accepts very few transfers (less than 15% for their techie majors), so even with a high GPA and all the required courses it’s a ‘maybe’ at best.

Several of the UCs offer TAG and have acceptance rates above 50% - even for majors like CS.

You’ve worked hard to earn this transfer opportunity, don’t get sidelined for a semester or more by not meeting the UC requirements…

good luck

I agree with @NCalRent that dropping the Oral Interpretation course is the better strategy.

Just an FYI based on last year’s SLO CS transfer projections. 988 applicants vs. 10 spots. Your odds are against you even if you had all the requirements completed.

Best of luck.

Thanks for the advice guys, I ended up getting accepted into calpoly but will go to UC Irvine instead because they offered me a scholarship. Thanks for the help anyway :slight_smile:


Congratulations and always loved to be proved wrong. Best of luck.!!!

Hey Im a cc cs transfer student too, I just want to ask what’s your gpa and ecs?