Should I go to Rutgers or Northeastern University?

I’m an international student, I attended 2 years of community college. Now, I got accepted into Northeastern University, which I’m super glad about. My years of hard work paid off! However, they did not give my any scholarships and are asking me to pay $50K a year in tuition. This disappoints me a lot.

My other option is to go to Rutgers University-NB and pay $30K a year.

Now, I have also applied to become “permanent resident” and will become one in anywhere between 1 to 8 months. Once, I become a ‘permanent resident’ I will get financial aid and scholarships, etc from both schools.

I’m not sure what I should, should I go to NEU or Rutgers?

I’m a Computer Science Major, my gut is screaming that I should go to NEU, but everyone else, including students of northeastern are telling me I should go to Rutgers. Please advice what I should do? I feel like my years of hard work would would go to waste if I attend a state school.

Ummm. Some of the best CS programs are at state schools.

With a cost difference of 20K per year, go to Rutgers.