should i go to WSU or WWU?

with the june 1 priority date coming up, i’m very stressed on choosing a college. i’ve narrowed down my options to either WSU or WWU and i am planning on majoring in business. i’m also in-state. i’m very conflicted because i was able to visit the WSU campus but not WWU because of covid-19. however, WWU is much closer to home and it has a smaller campus which i like. but WSU also offers an apparel design & merchandising program which i am interested in if i decide not to do business. however, i’m not too into partying and football and the campus is super far away. i feel WSU is stronger for me education-wise, while WWU is better environmentally. financially, neither schools are a problem and i did get some aid from WSU but the commute there is more costly than it is to get to Western (gas, flights, etc.) it would really help if i could get some insight on whether i should choose WSU or WWU, because i need to make a decision fast!


And, if you don’t like my recommendation, then WSU.

In short, this is a decision that you need to make on your own as you have not presented–by my reading—any significant distinguishing factors that would indicate a choice one way or the other.

@pinkberry01, reading between the lines, I think you’ve already selected WWU. I’ve heard really good things about the business programs at WSU, but there is something special about the smaller campus feel for some students. I know several happy students and graduates of WWU. But then again, I know of happy WSU grads, too.

How much is your family able to pay and contribute to your transportation to and from school? Would you be happier living closer to home?

Wishing you the best with your decision.

@whidbeyite2002 what good things have you heard about the business program at WSU? my parents say transportation is not a problem and that should not be a deciding factor for choosing between the two.

I have heard about the diverse options in WSU’s business program. It appears that you would be able to work across disciplines, and from what I’ve heard, the program immerses students in real-world experiences. I believe the program offers an international focus as well.

That said, I am convinced that environmental and social fit are more important to a student’s college success than academic program fit.

Based on reading your post, it seems like the only thing that appeals to you about WSU is that it has apparel design & merchandising. But you certainly don’t need to major in that to go into fashion design. Generally I’m not a big fan of students fixating on a college because of a very specific major, partially because people change their majors so often and partially because there are multiple routes to get to most careers.

WWU has a couple of business management majors, a design major, and an arts enterprise and cultural innovation minor that may appeal to you. There’s also a manufacturing and supply chain management major that may have some classes that appeal to you.

We visited both schools back to back last summer with my daughter and did the official tours. We were looking at life science programs not business so can’t comment on business.

WWU has a gorgeous campus and Bellingham is a very cool town. My daughter really liked it and it is probably her backup if she doesn’t get into UW. I thought WSU had better facilities but it is isolated and there’s really no way to get there without a car.

WSU is obviously much more of a PhD research university which probably makes more of a difference in STEM than business. But WWU seems to be getting more competitive every year as the state grows and it gets more spillover from UW.

My daughter definitely favors WWU even though the programs are probably slightly better at WSU in her desired areas of study. I don’t think ratings are necessarily everything. You also have to live your life. If you want a career in the PNW then no one will question your credentials from WWU and if you want to work in western WA then you will be closer for internships and that sort of thing.

I honestly don’t think you will go wrong either way.