Should I have recieved state financial aid?

<p>I was recently given my award letter for financial aid by UTD.
Having an EFC of 0, I expected to be eligible for the TEXAS Grant, and the top 10% scholarship program. I only recieved the Pell Grant and my AES award, leaving me with a bit more than $6000 to pay per year. I really didn't want to take out loans.</p>

<p>Is it because of the AES award?</p>

<li>How many students will be awarded?
Initially, institutions should award all students who meet the eligibility requirements AND for whom they show as having their FAFSA/TASFA with a process date on or before March 1, 2010– these are ‘Priority 1’ students; students who meet the eligibility requirements, but have a process date after March 1, 2010 will be Priority 2 and may/may not receive funds depending on the amount remaining after ALL Priority 1 students have been awarded (in July).</li>

<p>[College</a> For All Texans: Top 10% Scholarship Program](<a href=“]College”>College For All Texans:)</p>