Should I pursue a minor?

Hello, I am a current sophomore studying molecular biology specializing in biochemistry at the University of Pittsburgh. Currently, my top choice for pharmacy school is the University of Washington. I was thinking of pursuing a neuroscience minor but I am unsure if it would be of any benefit. I’ve been told that I should just focus on my major especially since the biochemistry track is very tough and extremely time consuming. Would pursuing a neuroscience minor be beneficial for pharmacy school admissions or should I just focus on my major?

Why are you considering a minor?
The program requirements for pharmacy school are tough enough.
If the neuroscience minor includes the majority of its courses in your current major, then I would say yes. If it’s additional coursework, then I would say no.

My daughter was accepted into UW’s SOP, but she decided to stay in California. The huge issue for admittance was strong grades, strong PCAT, and great clinical volunteering experience.

I totally agree with aunt_bea pharmacy school are tough and the huge issue for admittance was strong grades.